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Data and Recording

Modern wearable technology and assistive devices are dependent on batteries and though the ever-increasing performance of these in terms of size and length of life is indeed impressive they do still generally require re-charging regularly. If the wearable device is required to store the extensive waveforms output by the accelerometer, it quickly uses up all its stored power, which in the case of wearables, means it must be dismounted from its normal location and plugged into a power source or socket. This implies that it must be replaced by a second such device, or at least battery pack, which for the elderly and infirm is a major barrier to continuous and effective usage.

However the programme in Fall-Safe Assist analyses the waveforms and stores the event it has identified from them as a simple occurrence, thereby both reducing the storage required and the power consumed handling raw waveforms. It also means that a fall is instantly identified rather than relying on continuous communications with the app running on the linked mobile. Steps are similarly recorded as events and passed on to the mobile every hour, which is much more efficient than continuously sending waveform data to the mobile.

The mobile then accumulates this data and forwards it to a clinical system on perhaps a daily basis, as a spreadsheet attached to an email, in its simplest form. The data will also include the time and date of any falls, their direction, force and location, as well as their outcome.

A cloud system, using anonymised data at a clinic or hospital can accumulate all this information and allow it to be used as a source of research material for identifying common factors in falls that might indicate preventive measures that could be taken to alleviate the problem. It will also, for the first time, result in the recording of all falls in the population that is wearing the device and thereby provide a reliable record rather than the very piecemeal and incomplete data sets that are compiled at present, since it is believed that only about 20% of all falls are recorded.



What Our Users Are Saying..

Bernadette Taylor
2016-04-26, 10:45
Dear William,

The hip protectors are great and we like the new material in the underpants.

Thanks again, Bernadette
Geoffrey Hampden-Smith
2016-04-26, 10:39
Dear William. Your package arrived very promptly several days ago. Thank you very much. I am wearing the hip protectors while recuperating from a fall - with the prognosis of a month on crutches. They are very, very comfortable and not noticeable under my track suit. Wearing the pants with the protectors gives me the confidence to do more on crutches and I am hoping that this this will accelerate my re-habilitation.

I am 67 years old and still work in a boatyard. I just wish I was aware of … read more