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Cost-effectiveness of preventing hip fractures by hip protectors in elderly institutionalized residents in Germany.


Objective To determine the long-term cost-effectiveness of hip protector use in the prevention of hip fractures in elderly institutionalized residents in Germany compared to no prevention.

Methods A lifetime Markov decision model was developed using published data on costs and health outcomes. A societal and statutory health insurance perspective was adopted.

Results From a societal/statutory health insurance perspective, use of hip protectors yields savings of 315 EURO/257 EURO and a gain of 0.13 quality-adjusted life years per person over lifetime.

Conclusion Hip protector use in elderly institutionalised residents in Germany is highly cost-effective.



What Our Users Are Saying..

Bernadette Taylor
2016-04-26, 10:45
Dear William,

The hip protectors are great and we like the new material in the underpants.

Thanks again, Bernadette
Geoffrey Hampden-Smith
2016-04-26, 10:39
Dear William. Your package arrived very promptly several days ago. Thank you very much. I am wearing the hip protectors while recuperating from a fall - with the prognosis of a month on crutches. They are very, very comfortable and not noticeable under my track suit. Wearing the pants with the protectors gives me the confidence to do more on crutches and I am hoping that this this will accelerate my re-habilitation.

I am 67 years old and still work in a boatyard. I just wish I was aware of … read more